Course Introductions

The Importance of a course introduction

Your online course introduction will be designed to make it one of, if not the first thing that your students will view when they begin your course.  The goal for you in the creation of a course introduction is to make the students want to learn more.  In actuality, a course introduction that is text only will not be an effective method of making your students want to learn more.  Audio or, best yet, video is a component that will help you achieve the main goal.

An effective course introduction with video and/or audio can be very impactful by lessening the nervousness that most students will have that are new to online learning.  Additionally, a video and/or audio piece personalizes your course and helps to humanize the virtual environment.  Ultimately, the introduction will excite students about proceeding in your course.

Studies have shown that students participating in an online course do value the teacher and student relationship.  Students appreciate the opportunity to meet the instructor virtually using an introductory video before the course begins.