The Question Bank

Setting Up Categories and Sub-Categories In The Question Bank

Rather than keeping all of your questions in the Question bank in one giant category (default), questions can be arranged into categories and sub-categories.  It is strongly advised to set up your categories and sub-categories to maintain a high level of organization.  This will be valuable in efficiently utilizing a vast question bank and subsequently the quiz module.

1. Go to the Settings tab > Question bank > Categories

2.  The Edit categories area will be displayed.  There are various options to edit and/or move the categories.  Work ONLY in the Question categories for 'NAME OF YOUR COURSE-Your Name.'

3. In our demonstration example, under the Add category > Parent category we select Default for TestCourseSandbox so that the category that we add is not contained in any other category.  Name the category.  We chose a generic "Chapter 4" name.  The naming scheme that you select will be your own system of organization.  You could use Chapters or concepts such as "The Progressive Age."  You could use your curriculum map to choose the main topics.  Then click the Add category button near the bottom of the page.



4.  In this screenshot, you can see that the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 category has been added.  We can use the up arrow to move the category to the top.  You can also use the side arrows to create a sub-category by indenting the category name.


5.  To create sub-categories, such as Section 1 (under Chapter 1), choose the main category as the Parent category.


6. You will now see Section 1, which is a sub-category, under Chapter 1.  You can also have sub - sub categories and so on.


7. So now when adding questions to the Question bank, you can choose which category/subcategory that you would like the question to reside.