Big Blue Button

Setting Up A Big Blue Button Session

Big Blue Button has now replaced WizIQ.  The features and use of Big Blue Button is very similar WizIQ.  You can use Big Blue Button for your recorded lessons.  The lessons will bring your presence into your course.  Recorded lessons should be limited to 4 to 6 minutes to maintain attentiveness.  If you predict your lesson to be longer, simply "chunk" your lesson into smaller bursts of information with activities or other modes of instruction in between the "chunks."

1. Click Add an activity or resource > BigBlueButtonBN > Add

2. Name the recorded lesson and provide a Welcome message.  Be sure to change this message if you use the same Live Class session for additional recordings.  Be sure that Open BigBlueButton in a new window is selected.  The Students must wait until a moderator joins can be left checked or it can be unchecked.  It does not affect the recording.  The Schedule for sessions only has to be enabled if you are holding a "live" class.  Otherwise, keep the boxes unchecked for a recorded lesson.

Under the Record settings area, be sure that the Record box is checked.  Name the session and provide a duration.  Be sure to post more time than you think you will need.  In this sample, I plan on executing a three minute recorded session.  The Duration has been set to 10 minutes to compensate for being over the time.

3. Click Save and display to go directly to the session.  Save and return to course will go back to the front page of the course.  You would then have to click on the Big Blue Button session to enter the session.