Alternative Video Capture Solutions

RealPlayer Cloud

RealPlayer Cloud is a free, downloadable software that easily allows you to download videos in a format that can upload to MY MEDIA in Moodle.

RealPlayers Cloud also has a component that allows you to trim the video.  This is especially helpful for your class content to provide information in small bursts instead of an extended video.

Click on the links below to begin the download process:

You begin the download process for Windows by clicking here.

For MAC users, you can click here for the download.

1. Assuming that you have already downloaded RealPlayer Cloud, go to the Start menu.

Then All Programs.

Then in the RealNetworks folder, select RealPlayer Cloud

2. The RealPlayer Cloud player will appear on your screen.  You can minimize this until you have located and copied a URL from a video that you would like to capture.

3. Search YouTube or another site.  YouTube will provide you with the most downloadable version of video.  For example, Khan Academy is one of the VERY best sites for videos, however, the videos within the site are hard to get to download.  Therefore, you can search the same video through YouTube and you will have an easier time downloading the video.  For example, if I was searching for videos on One-Step Equations in Khan Academy, the URL would be this:

That particular URL may not work in the eAcad Video Downloader or in any other downloader.  There is an easy solution, copy the YouTube URL that is located on the Khan Academy video screen.  Paste that URL into a new browser window and then you will have the YouTube based version of the video.  The URL from YouTube will now work with the eAcad Video Downloader and most of the other downloaders.  This is what the URL is now:

4. Now maximize the RealPlayer Cloud player that we minimized earlier in these instructions.  Go to the tab in the top left that says realPlayer CLOUD > click File > Open.

5. Paste the URL of the YouTube video that you located and click OK.

6. The video from YouTube will begin to play inside of the RealPlayer player. In the top right of the video, a dialog box will appear.  If it does not, be sure to hover over top of that area.  Click Download This Video.

7. The video will begin to download.  A progress bar will appear displaying the overall size of the video and the progress on the download.

When the download is complete the area where the progress was will be blank.

8. The video file has now been downloaded to your computer. This video file is now ready to be uploaded to MY MEDIA in Moodle.  In most instances, you can find the video file by clicking the Start menu button > Computer > Libraries > Videos > RealPlayer Downloads.  The preference of where you want the file to be downloaded can be changed by first clicking the realPlayer CLOUD button in the top left of the RealPlayer screen.  You would then go to Preferences to change the location of the download.