Snipping/Screen Capture Tools

Snipping Tools

Snipping tools are the primary tools that you will use to place content into the Moodle Books.  The snipping tool of your choice is your absolute best friend when building your course.  Snipping tools allow you to capture anything displayed on your computer screen.  Your goal is to know how to use each of the tools presented so that you always have a backup.

Screencapturing programs have a tremendous array of tools that can be used to enhance the captures.  Snipping tools can be used to capture a math problem in a worksheet, an image on a webpage, a slide from a PowerPoint, etc..  The options are endless.  Here is an example of "snipping" a part of a PDF:

This allows you to take your current content in its original format, capture it, and then place it into your course as content, as questions, as worksheet, etc..  You will create a file, preferably a JPEG file and save it to an easily accessible folder.  It is not necessary to take the time to name the file, simply use the filename that is automatically populated.  When searching for the file, select, extra large icons and you will be able to visually see the file.  You will then upload the file to anywhere in the course where there is an editing toolbar.

Let's highlight three tools that can be used for this purpose:


Windows Snipping Tool - comes with every Windows installation in the accessories section


Jing - has a fully free version.  You can download the program by clicking here.


Greenshot - a free open-source screen capture software.  You can download the program by clicking here.