Using Forums To Engage Your Online Students

What Are Moodle Forums?

Moodle Forums are basically online message boards where you and your online students can post messages to each other while easily keeping track of individual conversations.  Because Forums are asynchronous, students can take their time composing their replies.   They can draft and rewrite their responses until they feel comfortable with their results.  Forums can be used as a non-graded item, but most importantly, Forums can be a graded item that will encourage discussions.

Using Forums in your online courses can be used for:

Course Q & A - This can be a place to ask questions about the course or an individual assignment.  Encourage your students to look at the Forum first before emailing you about questions.  Often, the same question has been posed by another student.

Homework - A Forum can be used to discuss assignments and give each other helpful hints.

Group Work - A Forum can be a work location for discussing a project and sharing files with small groups.

Analysis - A Forum can be used for an opportunity to share reflections, thoughts, arguments, evidence, or ideas