Linking to Files

Why Link To Files?

Linking to files inside of a Book instead of simply posting them on the front page of your course provides your learners with a reason why to open the link.  In other words, a PDF document posted on the front page of your course does not provide direction as to why to click that link and why it is a good reason to open that particular document.  Instead, you are able to select any word or group of words to link to a file.  Files are required to be in a PDF format to eliminate the need for a student to possess the particular software that is required to open the document.

Given all that, we highly encourage you to try to eliminate the need to have any files in your course.  You should try to place the content that is in the file(s) into a Moodle Book using the snipping tools that are available.  Some teachers cannot avoid eliminating using files.  For example, if an English 9 teacher has a PDF copy of Great Expectations for the students to read, it would be much easier to link the file instead of trying to snip each page and post it into a Book.


Math teachers may find it tempting to post files of worksheets for the assignments.  You may want to snip the problems and post them in the editing area of your assignments instead of having the students download the file.  The students will then work out each math problem on a blank sheet of paper, scan the completed paper using the hand held scanner, and upload that PDF back to you.