Creating Labels

What Are Labels?

Labels in Moodle can be text, images, or a combination of both. Labels can be created by simply using your keyboard and choosing the type and size of font that you would like.  Labels should be carefully chosen because you want to keep a consistent look throughout your course.

Labels can also be created in a Word Processing program such as a Google Document or Microsoft Word.  In Word, the Smart Art feature can be used for attractive labels.  The labels would then be "snipped" using your snipping tool, saved as a JPEG, and then uploaded into Moodle.

The labels in this Moodle Essentials Training course were created with this particular method.  This method provides for more creativity and for a more aesthetically pleasing course.  There is a catch takes more time than using the standard labels inside Moodle.  So you have to balance your time and the appearance of your course.