Adding An Image In Moodle

How To Add Images To Your Course

Images will be used extensively in your course.  Whether it's an image of map, a galaxy, a eukaryotic cell, or images of calculus problems, images will be utilized.  Using a snipping tool allows you to "snip" out anything that you can display on your computer.  For example, math problems are inherently difficult to create in Moodle because our keyboards do not have a square root key or a function key.  Therefore, it's much easier to "snip" problems from a previously created worksheet or from an online textbook to use in your course.  

Images can be inserted anywhere in your course when an editing toolbar is present.  This is an editing toolbar:

Therefore, images can be inserted into a chapter of a Book, into a Moodle Page, as a Moodle Label, in quiz questions, in assignments.  The use of images is endless.  

JPEG is the recommended choice for filetype.  A PNG file will also work.

In our demonstration, we will be inserting an image in a chapter of a Book.  A Moodle Book is the fundamental tool that is used in Moodle to "house" instructional content.

1. Download and save an appropriate image.  Images can be images that you found by a Google search.  It could also be photos that you have taken and stored.  Images can also be "snipped" images that come from online textbooks, worksheets, scanned documents, etc.  In our demonstration, we have downloaded an image of a math acronym called PEMDAS.  We are now going to insert the image in the editing page of our Book, click Insert/Edit Image.

2. Click Find or upload an image. Locate the image that you would like to use.  If you found the image through a Google search and downloaded it, it is likely in your Downloads folder.  It is not necessary to name these images.  You can increase the size of the thumbnail to visually see the image when searching to upload the image.


3. You can re-size the image by using the Appearance tab.  There is not an exact science when re-sizing the image.  You basically have to "play" with the first number in the Dimensions.  The second number is automatically adjusted when the first number is changed. 

 You can also re-size by dragging the corners after the image has been uploaded.

3. When you have returned to the editing page, click Save changes.  Our PEMDA image is now displayed in the Chapter of the Book.  And remember, you can add any image to any location in Moodle that has an editing toolbar.  This would include assignments, quizzes, Forums, etc.