Navigation and Course Set Up

Docking the blocks

Docking the blocks provides two benefits:  provides more room on the front page of your course AND allows you quick access when scrolled down in your course.  All feedback coming from teachers say that this subtle alteration to your course helps to save a lot of time scrolling.

1. Locate the Dock (Navigation or Administration) block icon in the top right of the block.


2.  The blocks are now docked on the left side of the course.

3. Hover or click on the block that you would like to display.  Remember that you can be scrolled down very far in the course and still access these blocks.

4. Keep in mind that the blocks on the right side can be docked too.  Typically though, these are blocks that are visible to the student and it serves the student to keep them displayed on the right side.

5. Docking the blocks removed the clutter on the course while you are working.

With the blocks un-docked:

With the blocks docked: