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Course Introductions


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Book: Course Introductions
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Table of contents

The Importance of a course introduction

Your online course introduction will be designed to make it one of, if not the first thing that your students will view when they begin your course.  The goal for you in the creation of a course introduction is to make the students want to learn more.  In actuality, a course introduction that is text only will not be an effective method of making your students want to learn more.  Audio or, best yet, video is a component that will help you achieve the main goal.

An effective course introduction with video and/or audio can be very impactful by lessening the nervousness that most students will have that are new to online learning.  Additionally, a video and/or audio piece personalizes your course and helps to humanize the virtual environment.  Ultimately, the introduction will excite students about proceeding in your course.

Studies have shown that students participating in an online course do value the teacher and student relationship.  Students appreciate the opportunity to meet the instructor virtually using an introductory video before the course begins.

Visual demonstration of content relevancy

Let's face it, students stay interested when they can see how the course material relates to their everyday lives and the lives they hope to have in the very near future.  A course introduction has to create a connection between the online student and the world that the student lives.  Making this connection is some courses is very easy.  Making the connection in some courses can be very challenging.  This is where the art of communication will enter the planning of your course introduction.  

Provide examples of how your online students can apply the course concepts to answer questions on interesting topics. Humor is definitely a method to help make this type of connection.

Your goal in creating a video based course introduction is to reveal a little about who you are and the excitement that you have about your course subject.  You are also able to communicate your support for the success of everyone of your online students.

Online course introductions

When creating your online course introduction, you will create a Book and place it in the top section of your course.

Let's cover the essential components of an eAcademy course introduction.  Each section described below can be a separate chapter in the course introduction book.

The course introduction will cover items that you would normally cover in a live classroom on the first day of class.

1. Welcome message (as demonstrated in the next sub-chapter page by Michelle Brock)

2. Course overview text and video using Screencast-O-Matic or PoodLL video highlighting the rhythm of the the content, assignments, quizzes, etc.  This overview will also include online classroom behavior, communication, and the Help Desk

3. Syllabus




Welcome message

Course introductions can begin with a welcome message that acts as a promotional type of course overview introduction.  A promotional type of course introduction video can include music and visuals which essentially contributes to its purpose as a promotional course introduction for the eAcademy course.  The standard course introduction is a mandatory component.  The promotional style is not mandatory but is definitely recommended.  The video will create excitement for your course and you will have fun making the video.

Shown below is a video created for an promotional type of course introduction to a Still Photography course taught by Michelle Pacasky-Brock.  Michelle created the video using Animoto.  There are various online video creation tools that you can explore by clicking here. We all realize that all of usare not professional filmmakers. Michelle uses music to keep the video extremely upbeat and exciting.  And she does it in only two minutes and thirty-five seconds.  The students will always view videos that contain music and remain relatively short.

Let's watch Michelle's course introduction video:


Your syllabus can be a text based document that the students download as  PDF, however, we encourage you to place your syllabus in the course introduction book where the students do not have to download.  This makes the information always available at the top of the course.

Items that must be included in the syllabus:

Course introduction Sample Table of contents

Here is an example of the Table of contents for the Course Introduction: