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Calendar and the Upcoming Events


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Book: Calendar and the Upcoming Events
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Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 8:23 PM

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Calendar details

Communication to your online students is crucial to their success.  Let's use the tools that make it easy to add a layer of communication to our students to provide them with an exceptional experience.  Unfortunately, a lot of students do not read the details of dues dates within the assignment.  A layer of communication utilizing and pointing out to the students, the calendar will go toward success.  The calendar will always be displayed on the My home of the students: 

This calendar will display the major due dates such as the mid-term exam or the end of the course.  The calendar will also display the due dates of assignments for all the courses in which the student is enrolled.

How do items get placed on calendar.

All assignments will automatically be populated to the calendar and to the Upcoming events block when a due date is chosen.  You do not have to enter them manually.  And because due dates are required on all assignments so that they sync to OpenSIS, you will always have the assignment posted in the Calendar and Upcoming events.

To demonstrate, here is a test assignment where the due date of April 17, 2014 has been chosen:

The Test Assignment is now posted on the course front page:

The assignment is now posted in the Upcoming events block.  The post shows the name of the assignment and the due date/time. The student can potentially click directly on the name of the assignment and be taken to the assignment.

When an assignment is posted, the due date of that particular assignment will trigger the calendar itself to have a pink box around the due date denoting that there is a course assignment due on that particular date.

When the cursor hovers over the denoted date, a summary, the assignments due on that date will be shown.  This also provides a direct link to the assignment.

When you click on the date itself, such as April 17th, you will be taken to the summary page of the calendar.  There are links to the previous day and the following day.  In addition, the assignment can be accessed on this page as well.